xemacs forms not like emacs forms

Rockefeller, Harry harryr@ssd.fsi.com
Tue Apr 17 16:00:00 GMT 2007

I define a user function to move between fields in my form (record):

(defun hr-tocol (target &optional fill)
 "Produces a string to skip to column TARGET.
  Prepends newline if needed.
  The optional FILL should be a character, used to fill to the column."
   (if (null fill)
       (setq fill ? ))
   (if (< target (current-column))
       (concat "\n" (make-string target fill))
       (make-string (- target (current-column)) fill)))

I use it in the forms-format-list list like this:

       "\nJob Number: " 2 '(hr-tocol 33) "Next Major Milestone and date:
" 4
       "\n      Name: " 3 '(hr-tocol 33) "Number of milestones missed: "
                          '(hr-tocol 33) "Hours behind schedule: " 6

It runs correctly in emacs but not xemacs.  I get this error in xemacs
when I try to save the form:

Parse error: not looking at 'Number of milestones missed: '

I can force the save to succeed by editing field 3 to have no
but then that breaks starting up the forms mode the next time.  It only
loads the last record up to field 3.

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