.exe magic

Williams, Gerald S (Jerry) Jerry.Williams@lsi.com
Wed Apr 18 17:21:00 GMT 2007

Dave Korn wrote:
>   Hear, hear.  I don't think anything so drastic as this should be
> without a deprecation period of a year or so for the old behaviour.
And in
> fact I think it would probably transpire to be a serious limitation on
> utility of cygwin.  Remember, if you just want "Linux on windows",
you'll get
> a much better emulation by installing a VMware machine, and it's
faster too.
> A lot of Cygwin's 'added value' comes from interoperating in a single
> environment.

I don't think I'd go that far. If you want to run prepackaged
Cygwin utilities from Windows, you could add "." to PATHEXT.
(If you're building the utilities yourself, you can simply add
the .exe extension.) If for some reason that isn't sufficient,
you can use some flavour of links (preferably NTFS hardlinks)
to give you .exe versions of the Cygwin executables.

The people that would be most put out are those of us that
use Cygwin-based shells by default. Every time we run a native
Windows executable, we'd need to tack .exe onto it (at least
until we've set up a symlink or alias). Of course, we have the
same situation now for .bat files and such, it's just not as
common. (I'd rather have some flavour of PATHEXT magic than
.exe magic anyway, but I'm certainly not going to bring *that*
up.) :-) :-) :-)

In any event, I almost never get to the end of a program name
before typing [Tab] on the command line (so I see the .exe's
anyway), and I'd appreciate having an easy way to distinguish
Windows executables that aren't going to appreciate my nifty
Cygwin paths...


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