Install problem on XP SP2

Aaron W. LaFramboise
Thu Apr 19 22:40:00 GMT 2007

Morgan Gangwere wrote:
> On 4/18/07, Aaron W. LaFramboise <> wrote:
>> Aaron W. LaFramboise wrote:

>> Bug 1) Packages are silently not downloaded, when the user assumes that
>> they are.
> it LOOKS like they are silently not downloaded. you have to hit
> package dependancies in the package, or the mirror is broken.

Then I am fundamentally misunderstanding something, because I can't 
understand the program in a way that I realize packages are not being 
installed--with respect to my point of view, at random.  But even if 
packages are silently not being selected, possibly due to my 
incompetence, if these are critical packages, I'd still appreciate some 
sort of error.

>> Bug 2) There is no md5sum for the entire repository, meaning there is no
>> way for the user to personally verify that a mirror has the correct
>> stuff, or that his download was correct.
> there is. just read the mirror data where you put the cygwin temp
> stuff. last I checked, there was an MD5 hash for each entry.

Good point.

However, it can only verify the package I've downloaded isn't broken 
(and only then assuming the md5.sum hasn't been tampered with).  It 
cannot tell me that I somehow didn't get a package.

What I'd like is for sourceware to auto-generate an md5.sum that I could 
do this with, and be assured I got a correct and complete full download:

md5sum -b md5.sum

This is what many projects that use mirrors have, to give downloaders an 
assurance of mirror integrity and a "tamper-proof seal."

> you volunteering?

This needs to be done by one of the sourceware admins.  But I suspect 
they already have machinery in place that will do this, as other sources 
folders have it.

> * the package selection screen is SLOoW!

It used to be a lot slower, as I recall, to select a full install, 
something on the order of a several minute wait.  Now its only a few 
seconds.  Slowness I can tolerate; silently broken installations I cannot.

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