Install problem on XP SP2

Morgan Gangwere
Fri Apr 20 00:30:00 GMT 2007

On 4/19/07, Aaron W. LaFramboise <> wrote:
> Morgan Gangwere wrote:
> > On 4/18/07, Aaron W. LaFramboise <> wrote:
> >> Aaron W. LaFramboise wrote:
> >> Bug 1) Packages are silently not downloaded, when the user assumes that
> >> they are.
> >
> > it LOOKS like they are silently not downloaded. you have to hit
> > package dependancies in the package, or the mirror is broken.
> Then I am fundamentally misunderstanding something, because I can't
> understand the program in a way that I realize packages are not being
> installed--with respect to my point of view, at random.  But even if
> packages are silently not being selected, possibly due to my
> incompetence, if these are critical packages, I'd still appreciate some
> sort of error.
> >> Bug 2) There is no md5sum for the entire repository, meaning there is no
> >> way for the user to personally verify that a mirror has the correct
> >> stuff, or that his download was correct.
> >
> > there is. just read the mirror data where you put the cygwin temp
> > stuff. last I checked, there was an MD5 hash for each entry.
> Good point.
> However, it can only verify the package I've downloaded isn't broken
> (and only then assuming the md5.sum hasn't been tampered with).  It
> cannot tell me that I somehow didn't get a package.
> What I'd like is for sourceware to auto-generate an md5.sum that I could
> do this with, and be assured I got a correct and complete full download:
> md5sum -b md5.sum
> This is what many projects that use mirrors have, to give downloaders an
> assurance of mirror integrity and a "tamper-proof seal."
> > you volunteering?
> This needs to be done by one of the sourceware admins.  But I suspect
> they already have machinery in place that will do this, as other sources
> folders have it.
> > * the package selection screen is SLOoW!
> It used to be a lot slower, as I recall, to select a full install,
> something on the order of a several minute wait.  Now its only a few
> seconds.  Slowness I can tolerate; silently broken installations I cannot.
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to DaveK: i once had the username "Sys Admin" under windows before i
installed the cygwin stuff, and after, any script/app that used the
username in a path with ls or bash or some other place without
properly quoting it would fail.

also, i would like to point out that I said to use QT for the
installer (or at least some equivalent.

and i am sorry to say that the poor gmail client has no way to not
quote raw messages. give me a mailer that can adapt to proxies and i
will stfu.

to Aaron: if you watch the installer it does check the md5 of the package.

Morgan gangwere

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