Install problem on XP SP2

Dave Korn
Fri Apr 20 08:39:00 GMT 2007

On 20 April 2007 01:30, Morgan Gangwere wrote:

> On 4/19/07, Aaron W. LaFramboise <aaronpurpleleaf4@aSNIP> wrote:
>> Morgan Gangwere wrote:
>>> On 4/18/07, Aaron W. LaFramboise <aaronpurpleleaf4@aSNIP> wrote:

  Heh, I wonder why you didn't reply to the email I posted directly?

> to DaveK: i once had the username "Sys Admin" under windows before i
> installed the cygwin stuff, and after, any script/app that used the
> username in a path with ls or bash or some other place without
> properly quoting it would fail.

  A valid point, but that is absolutely nothing to do with setup.exe, it's a bug in the particular script or app.  And best worked round by setting your home dir to something without a space in /etc/passwd.

> and i am sorry to say that the poor gmail client has no way to not
> quote raw messages.

  Then do it manually.  It takes no more than a couple of seconds to click and swipe your mouse across the text and hit delete.  You're saving yourself only the tiniest amount of effort by not bothering and imposing anti-social costs on others by doing so.  Surely you can see that's inconsiderate?

> give me a mailer that can adapt to proxies and i
> will stfu.

  Thunderbird.  By all accounts it's an excellent mailer in many ways, and it definitely does proxies.  HTH.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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