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Eric Blake
Fri Apr 20 13:02:00 GMT 2007

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According to Shawn O. Pearce on 4/20/2007 12:22 AM:
>> Maybe it could be, if cygwin managed to create normal setup program
>> one day...
> Yea.  I've had a number of Git users get burned by the
> git-merge-recursive script changing to git-merge-recursive.exe,
> and Cygwin's installer left git-merge-recursive in the directory
> when upgrading, but deleted some of the supporting Python modules.
> So they were unable to execute a merge.

Please report these sorts of bugs to the cygwin list, so that the cygwin
team can be aware of them and work towards fixing them.

> Better, one user succeeded in doing a `git merge -s ours foo`,
> completely tossing away the work of 20+ users over 3 months,
> because their HEAD was very old and their merge-recursive was
> utterly broken...  They did not mean to do an ours style merge, it
> just happened that merge-recursive didn't do squat...  because it
> was the old Python version, partially installed...
> I found out about the breakage only after those 20+ users managed
> to cram another 80 or so commits onto the top of that bad merge.
> Which meant that I couldn't just rewind the tree to redo the merge.
> I actually had to redo the merge as a new commit ontop of the bad
> history.  Without losing any of the new changes.  Ick.
> Thankfully just the week before I taught merge-recursive how to
> take trees (and not commits), allowing me to use it to carry the
> changes through whilest ignoring the bad merge base history.
> So anyway, my Git-on-Cygwin installer is now:
> 	...on the master system...
> 	make clean &&
> 	make prefix=/usr/local/git &&
> 	rm -rf /usr/local/git &&
> 	make install prefix=/usr/local/git &&
> 	tar jcf update-git.tar.bz2 /usr/local/git
> 	...and on other systems...
> 	cd / &&
> 	rm -rf /usr/local/git &&
> 	tar jxf update-git.tar.bz2
> because dammit, that works, all of the time.  Unlike Cygwin's
> setup.exe.

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