Setup.exe Problems on Vista

Brian Dessent
Sun Apr 22 18:03:00 GMT 2007

"Michael D. Adams" wrote:

> > Please try the latest setup.exe snapshot, if you can.  And even better
> > would be to debug the problem.  I don't have access to a Vista system
> > but if I did I think I would start by running it under gdb/insight and
> > putting a breakpoint at right before CreateProcess and
> > check the environment.  Or create a test package with a postinstall that
> > just runs "env > /tmp/foo" or "sleep 1h" or something so that you can
> > inspect the environment.
> Where are those snapshots located?  A quick google didn't turn them up.

Greg already answered this but I'll point out that setup.exe has a home

> Since I already have a Cygwin install, does Cygwin play ok if I put a
> second install (for testing the snapshot) or do I need to remove the
> old Cygwin install first?

You can "stash away" your current Cygwin install rather easily to make
it as if it doesn't exist for the purposes of testing.  The steps I use
are roughly:

- stop all Cygwin processes/services
- from a command prompt, cd \cygwin\bin (if it's not in your PATH) and
run "mount -m >oldmounts.bat" followed by "umount -A".  You'll need to
be administrator for this if you have system mounts.
- rename \cygwin to something else, e.g. \cygwin-old (this is optional
but it just ensures that any remaining references to it will not find

Now you can rerun setup.exe and it should proceed to install as if there
was no Cygwin on your system.  To go back to your original install,
follow the above steps to nuke your testing install, then

- rename \cygwin-old back to its original name
- from a command prompt, cd to \cygwin\bin and run oldmounts.bat

> Last thing I wanted to say was to note that I'm not set up for
> developing cygwin.  So while I'm happy to run test builds, I haven't a
> clue how to build setup.exe or a package. (Unfortunately my
> involvement in other open source projects doesn't leave me with the
> time to learn how to do that either.)

Well, since setup.exe is not a Cygwin app there is no need to have
Cygwin debug symbols available as they aren't necessary.  Building
setup.exe is essentially a "configure" then "make" affair if you build
from a non-CVS tarball, but there are a few extra options you need to
specify.  It's all explained in the file README.  I have considered
providing a copy of the snapshot with debugging symbols but there could
be problems with the paths to the source files not matching the ones on
my system used when compiling.  (Note that you can work around this if
you have a newish gdb with "set/show substitute path" but if you've
built gdb yourself then I don't think you'd have a problem building
setup yourself.)


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