libusb-win32 auto-install?

Morgan Gangwere
Sun Apr 22 23:16:00 GMT 2007

On 4/22/07, Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault***> wrote:
> Hi,
> Larry Hall (Cygwin), le Sun 22 Apr 2007 11:14:07 -0400, a écrit :
> > A good reason for this division is to allow for user input during the
> > configuration step, which "setup.exe" doesn't have support for.
> It doesn't need user input.
> > If running your libusb-install is more like a configuration step,
> It's not really configuration, it's really installation: the driver is
> copied into C:\WINDOWS\... and a service is registered.
> > I might also encourage leaving things as is if the running of the
> > script requires a reboot to take affect.
> Fortunately it doesn't.
> > Depending on your what your safety concerns are, that might be another
> > good reason to leave things as is.
> Well, since we touch drivers, I'd prefer to leave as is. But since
> at least one user asked for installation to be done automatically, I
> preferred to ask for advice.
> Thanks for the answer,
> Samuel
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well, heres a bright idea.
why not simply have a second package like "libusb-win32-autoinstall"
that was just a postinstall script that ran the install?

just a thought :D

Morgan gangwere

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