Setup.exe Problems on Vista

Brian Dessent
Mon Apr 23 01:32:00 GMT 2007

Brian Dessent wrote:

> > The workaround for this problem that I have found is to set the
> > *Windows* path to include C:\cygwin\bin before running setup.exe.  So
> > for example this sequence works:
> >
> > set PATH=C:\cygwin\bin;%PATH%
> > setup.exe
> >
> > Then /bin/sh is actually created, the prompt is the usual Cygwin settings, etc.
> > Of course the proper solution would be to find and fix the root cause.
> >  Is this a known bug?  Is there any other info I can provide to help
> > find the root cause? (I'm suspicious that Vista might not allow the
> > program to set PATH.)
> That would be pretty brain dead if Vista did not allow programs to
> modify the PATH.  That would cause about a million failures in Cygwin
> and various programs.
> > OS: Vista Home Premium
> > Setup.exe Version: 2.510.2.2 (run without administraitor permission)
> Please try the latest setup.exe snapshot, if you can.  And even better
> would be to debug the problem.  I don't have access to a Vista system
> but if I did I think I would start by running it under gdb/insight and
> putting a breakpoint at right before CreateProcess and
> check the environment.  Or create a test package with a postinstall that
> just runs "env > /tmp/foo" or "sleep 1h" or something so that you can
> inspect the environment.

Just now I installed Vista under VMware to try installing Cygwin.  It
worked fine using the latest version of setup.exe.  I did not have to
disable UAC but it did prompt me to run as Administrator (which it does
for any executable named setup.exe IIRC.)  Postinstall scripts all ran
fine, sh.exe was there and there was no need to put \cygwin\bin in the
PATH manually.


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