libusb-win32 auto-install?

Brian Dessent
Mon Apr 23 01:44:00 GMT 2007

Samuel Thibault wrote:

> Yes of course (I actually call the uninstallation script at preremove).
> But the question is "do we dare installing a driver just because the
> user asked for package installation?".
> The problem is that libusb-win32 might be pulled as a dependency of
> another package (the upcoming brltty package for instance), in which
> case the use may be really be aware that some driver will get installed.

I think it would be very bad to install a (kernel-mode) driver by
default without any action of the user just because they selected a
package to install.

> Maybe I could ship two separate packages: one for the library and one
> for the driver, and automatically install the driver at postinstall of
> the second package.

That sounds ugly, why can't the user just run foo-config like every
other package that requires configuration?


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