List of maintainers

Dave Korn
Tue Apr 24 11:59:00 GMT 2007

On 24 April 2007 12:53, Helge Stenström wrote:

> Is there a list of maintainers for the different Cygwin packages? What
> is the easiest way to find out who is the maintainer for a particular
> package?

  The easiest and most proper way is to post here, with a subject like
"[<package name>] PING maintainer|<maintainer's name>".

  Do not contact maintainers directly unless they have expressed a willingness
to be contacted off-list.

  To find out who the maintainer is, and if they have expressed any preference
for how to contact them, look at the most recent release ANNOUNCE for the
package, or download/install it and look at the cygwin-specific readme in

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