Throwing c++ exception across threads

Eric Lilja
Wed Apr 25 14:20:00 GMT 2007

Hello! I'm developing a simple IRC bot using the cygwin tools. It 
actually comes with a GUI and I'm writing it using Win32. I don't 
compile it with -mno-cygwin, because it's using cygwin sockets and pthreads.

When the user of the program connects to an irc server a thread is 
spawned that handles communication with the irc server. Any messages are 
displayed in an editbox. If a severe error occurs, an exception is 
thrown. Will there be any problems if I catch these exceptions in the 
main thread? The things is that the connection code may cause an 
exception and I want to run that in the connection thread so the UI 
doesn't freeze while it's waiting for an connection attempt to time-out 
for instance.

- Eric

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