perl DBD::mysql under cygwin question

fungazid fungazid
Wed Apr 25 14:52:00 GMT 2007

Hello the cygwin people,

I decided to use cygwin because I'm working with
biological packages that run on linux unix, and I work
mainly on windows. I have only little experience with

I installed cygwin on my windows xp recently, with all
modules. I had no problems with running perl scripts
under cygwin, and installing perl modules like
Then I tried to install DBD::mysql. 
ccording to the instructions I have to first download
mysql linux source, to compile it and install it
under cygwin. here are the instruction -

I followed them but 'make install' for mysql gave
I used mysql source "Compressed GNU TAR archive
(tar.gz)" here:
so: is it the right version ? 
maybe I missed other things ? 
I would be grateful for your help

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