perl DBD::mysql under cygwin question

Brian Dessent
Wed Apr 25 16:34:00 GMT 2007

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fungazid fungazid wrote:

> 1) cygwin is installed under C:\cygwin folde.
> 2) I unpacked mysql linux source to C:\cygwin\home.
> 3) I CD to the new folder
> (C:\cygwin\home\mysql-5.0.37).
> 4) run the command:
>  ./configure --prefix=/home/mysql-5.0.37
> --without-server

You're configuring with a prefix that is the same as srcdir.  That's
completely nonsensical.  --prefix is the root of where the files should
be installed, typically /usr/local.  Don't set it to the directory where
you unpacked the sources.


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