ImageMagick "display" and "convert" fail with a Visual C++ runtime error

Dmitry Golovaty
Wed Apr 25 17:53:00 GMT 2007

Thanks, Igor.

> PATH is usually processed left-to-right.  As an alternative to what Brian
> suggested, simply prepending C:\cygwin\bin to the PATH should work.

C:\cygwin\bin has been in the PATH all the time; the problem seems to have 
been that the PATH statement contained a MATLAB directory somewhere in the 
middle which caused some conflict between the libraries that loaded.

> FWIW, the above is already done in the standard shell startup scripts, so
> unless you're using custom .*rc scripts, you probably attempted to invoke
> ImageMagick from a Windows command prompt.  One word of warning for
> working in that mode: some of the programs in /bin are symbolic links or
> scripts that Windows does not understand.  You're better off invoking
> Cygwin programs from a Cygwin shell, unless you're sure they are .exe
> files.

I am using standard rc scripts and was invoking ImageMagick from xterm ... 
I have added a path-modifying statement suggested by Brian to .profile 
that removed the win32 Matlab directory from the PATH and this solved the 

Thanks again for your help,


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