Newbie question on current version running established perl program

Brian Dessent
Wed Apr 25 19:23:00 GMT 2007

Jennifer Young wrote:

> to run my program, I was instructed to use command:
> $ perl -o buffer -n 2 -t 00:00:000
> -l 300
> (-o = output, -n = number in test, -t = start time, -l
> = length of time of test)
> system returns:
> bash perl: command not found

This would indicate that perl isn't installed.  Run setup.exe again,
click on Next until you get to the "Select Packages" page.  Then click
the 'View' button to switch to 'Full' view, this shows everything in a
flat alphabetical list instead of by categories, and is easier for
finding packages by name.  Scroll down to the p's until you find the
perl package ("perl: Larry Wall's Practical Extracting and ...") -- this
is really the only package that you should require, although having the
others with perl in their names installed shouldn't hurt either.  Check
if it is installed -- if it is, you should see a version in the
"Current" column like 5.8.7-5 and the New column should say Keep.  If
there's nothing in the Current column or the New column says "Skip" then
you don't have it installed; in that case just click on the New column
so that it changes from Skip to the version number.  Then just hit Next
as many times as necessary to finish the process.

Hopefully you just were missing the perl package, if not then something
else more serious is wrong and we're going to need more info from you to
figure out what's wrong.  The best way to provide this is to run
"cygcheck -svr >cygcheck.out" and then send that cygcheck.out file as an
attachment to this list.

> I looked this up and tried another instruction adding
> ./ before the line to make:
> $ ./perl -o buffer -n 2 -t 00:00:000
> -l 300
> This gave me a new error message:
> bash: ./perl:  no such file or directory

This is not an instance where adding ./ at the beginning would do any
good or make any sense, so this error is expected.

> I followed instructions in the FAQ for another fix for
> this specific question, to enter in 2 lines of code.
> FAQ# 37 as copied below.  I didn't get the warnings
> and it seemed take the commands fine.  Got the same
> error messages, though.

And as far as I can tell this is talking about something unrelated to
your problem.


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