Regarding the Cygwin Environment variables

Pandare, Prasad
Fri Apr 27 21:17:00 GMT 2007

Hi Larry,

Thanks for quick reply.

Which previous discussion you are talking about ?

I have just subscribed to the mail today and I have delivery wherein I
am supposed to
Get all envirionment variables from remote machine without adding them
manually like
Following statement
Export JAVA_HOME=c:\jdk1.6

Instead of adding variables in bashrc file can we get them automatically
Like JAVA_HOME,ANT_HOME without any manual addition of code.

Thanks a lot
Prasad Pandare

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Pandare, Prasad wrote:
> Hi
> I have installed latest cygwin software on windows XP.
> When I run C:\cygwin\cygwin.bat  file then I run following command
> command prompt:
> Env
> I get whole set of environment variables those are there in windows
> operating system.
> But when I do ssh username@ with correct password then it
> different set of environment variables.
> The JAVA_HOME,ANT_HOME,DB2TEMPDIR environement variables are no more
> seen.
> Please advise as why this is there.
> Is this bug in cygwin?
> What is alternative to this problem?

It is working as intended by the folks who bring you OpenSSH.  See the
previous discussions on this list and theirs if you want more details.
If you need more of your environment, the solution is to add whatever
variables you want to your shell rc file (.bashrc for 'bash') or to
another file and source it from there.

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