Puzzling local share permissions problem with ssh sessions on Win2K3

Shankar Unni shankarunni@netscape.net
Fri Apr 27 23:31:00 GMT 2007

Andrew DeFaria wrote:

> Hey Shankar. WAG here. With Windows 2K3 came more security. Check to see 
> what your *share* permissions are - not just the permissions of the 
> folder but the permissions of the share point. I believe MS added 
> something like Network: Deny for security sake and that screws up 
> Clearcase which you rightly point out insists on using full UNC paths 
> (for good reason mind you).

Thanks for the hint. But I see that that's not a problem here.  For one 
thing, as I said, if I ssh into another machine B as the same user, I 
can access \\A\Views just fine.  It's only from A itself that I can't 
access \\A\Views.  (I.e. sort of the opposite of what the above would 

Of course, I found that if I give Full Control to Everyone, then things 
work, but that's not an optimal solution.  Actually, "work" is also not 
right, since I can then create files and folders from Windows explorer, 
but using Clearcase itself, I get weirdo errors from the "mkview" 
command about "permission denied" when it tries to create files under 
whatever view directory it created.

It seems to be a subtle identity problem of some kind..

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