Regarding the Cygwin Environment variables

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Sat Apr 28 04:57:00 GMT 2007

Pandare, Prasad wrote:
> Hi
> Here is my problem details :


You forgot the cygcheck output.

My WAG based on the info so far is that you either aren't the same id (user)
in both logins (i.e. one local and one domain - although it looks like both
are domain) or environment variables are being set by some batch file that
doesn't get run by 'ssh'.  If you notice, while the 'ssh' session doesn't
have the Java variables you mention, the 'ssh' session has at least several
others (MAIL, USERPROFILE, etc) that the original session doesn't and
variables with different values (PATH, HOMEDRIVE, etc).  I'd recommend
tracking down where the environment variables you see in the first session
come from.  It's also worthwhile to check your '/etc/passwd' file to see
how it maps your user name to the windows SID and where your home directory
is according to it.  In essence, I think you have a mismatch of your
environment that cannot be explained by things in the Cygwin space.

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