Make and rsync can no longer find commands?

Ned Batchelder
Mon Jan 1 21:35:00 GMT 2007

I updated cygwin a few days ago, and two things have stopped working:

1) When I execute "rsync -e ssh", it complains of not finding ssh:
            rsync: Failed to exec ssh: No such file or directory (2)
This used to work just fine.  If I change "ssh" in the command line to 
the full Windows path to ssh.exe, it also works fine.

2) Make no longer can find commands to run, and it seems to have to do 
with the shell.  In particular, I have a series of rm commands, some 
with a single explicit filename, and some with wildcards.  For example:

        -rm -rf dist
        -rm -f *.pyc */*.pyc */*/*.pyc */*/*/*.pyc
        -rm -f *.pyo */*.pyo */*/*.pyo */*/*/*.pyo
        -rm -f *.bak */*.bak */*/*.bak */*/*/*.bak
        -rm -f .coverage

The simple commands fail, the ones with wildcards succeed:
        rm -rf dist
        make: rm: Command not found
        make: [clean] Error 127 (ignored)
        rm -f *.pyc */*.pyc */*/*.pyc */*/*/*.pyc
        rm -f *.pyo */*.pyo */*/*.pyo */*/*/*.pyo
        rm -f *.bak */*.bak */*/*.bak */*/*/*.bak
        rm -f .coverage
        make: rm: Command not found
        make: [clean] Error 127 (ignored)

I understand the make has two different execution paths, depending on 
the complexity of the command.  So the shell-execution path (with 
wildcards) works fine, but the simple path (where make will invoke rm 
directly) fails.

These seem like two symptoms of the same problem, but I don't know how 
to fix it.  Both worked before I updated cygwin, and now they don't.

Any ideas?


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