Regression in zip-2.32-2 for large archives

James R. Phillips
Wed Jan 3 15:04:00 GMT 2007

The latest zip (2.32-2) appears to fail in some circumstances when creating large archives; a regression compared to zip 2.3.  An error message like this appears:

"zip I/O error: Invalid argument"

and the backup quits.  This is on an ntfs file system, running on windows xp pro, sp 2.  The backup succeeds for archives on the order of 600 Mb, but fails for archives on the order of 1.5 Gb.  Reverting to the 2.3 version allows the backup to run successfully.

The attached cygcheck.out file reflects the reverted 2.3 version of zip installed, not the 2.32-2 version.  If that is a problem, let me know and I'll reinstall 2.32-2.  But for the moment I am leaving 2.3 installed because I need my backups to work.


Jim Phillips
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