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Volker Quetschke quetschke@scytek.de
Thu Jan 4 04:07:00 GMT 2007

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You neglected to give any information regarding your setup, see:

> Problem reports:       http://cygwin.com/problems.html

but I might hazard a guess that you're seeing this problem:


luckily this is solved by using a newer Imagemagick.
(This is just a random guess.)


Sabieh Anwar wrote:
> Hi Volker
> I have a question. It will be very kind if you can give me some clue
> of solving my problem?
> I installed cygwin on my Windows XP. I want to run xmgrace which is in
> the /bin directory.
> When I type xmgrace & it just returns me nothing.
> I have tried strace ./xmgrace.exe
> and
> gdb ./xmgrace.exe as well. No avail.
> I start my Xwindows by typing:
> /usr/X11r6/bin/startxwin.sh
> and then loading twm in the bash terminal window.
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Sabieh

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