Complete Vi documentation?

Sun Jan 7 18:33:00 GMT 2007

zzapper <> wrote in news:Xns98B1B75E41678zzappergmailcom@

> Steven Buroff <> wrote in news:003b01c73276$6f116850
> $6401a8c0@rambo:
>> Where can I find the complete vi(m) documentation? The man page
>> has practically nothing. It doesn't describe the editing commands 
>> or the ":set" options, only the command line options. Doing a 
>> "set all?" lists the options but I really need a description of 
>> each one. Thanks.
>> Steve
> or from within vim
>:help set
or better
:help option-list

find a specific option
:helpgrep ignorecase
:helpgrep set.*ignorecase

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