username should be lower-case for $USER

Ismael Valladolid Torres
Tue Jan 9 16:34:00 GMT 2007

David Smiley escribe:
> I am new to Cygwin.  I noticed that the $USER environment variable has my
> username in upper-case.  So it is "DSMILEY".  On unix based hosts I log
> into, it is always lower-case.  So if I try to SSH to another machine where
> I have the same login name, I can't let SSH automatically default to $USER
> because the case isn't right.  *Even if* Windows user names are case
> sensitive and so there is a difference between DSMILEY and dsmiley (are
> they?, I don't know) I think $USER should be made to be all lower-case to be
> consistent with unix environments.

Making ssh use different user names for logging in to different hosts
is obvious enough IMO.

Cordially, Ismael
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