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Larry Hall (Cygwin) reply-to-list-only-lh@cygwin.com
Wed Jan 10 01:43:00 GMT 2007

Sam The Cat wrote:
>> According to Morgan Gangwere on 1/9/2007 11:14 AM:
>>> this outlines my point exactly. we need to give _all_ of the mirrors
>>> not a _48_ hour but at max a _24_ hour.
>> You need more convincing arguments if you want the current mirror policy
>> to change.
>>> and _all_ the mirrors should
>>> have the same packages.
>> They do.  In order to be a non-stale mirror on cygwin's setup.exe list,
>> the mirror must provide everything that cygwin.com provides, updated to
>> within the last 48 hours.
>>> this goes back to having _libintl8_ but not
>>> being able to get the _libintl3_ packages.
>> libintl8 and libintl3 are two different packages, but both are available
> That might be true now -- but it was not true last friday eve.  Two 
> complete downloads from two different mirrors (no I no longer remeber 
> which) did not yeld 'libint3'

Well you must have caught them cleaning house since libintl3 has been around
for years.  You can check the announcements list to see when various packages
were added and updated.

>> on all current cygwin mirrors.  libintl3 is obsolete.  New code should 
>> not
>> be using it.
> Thats interesting -- the package I had problmes with was 'gcc' 
> specifically the first pass parser 'cc1'.  Unless things have changed it 
> would seem to me that the flagship compiler would not be considered 'old 
> code'

It's not old code but gcc is a long time package.  Looks like it incorrectly
picked up cygintl-3.dll for cc1.exe the last time it was built.  But looking
at the setup.hint files, it correctly says that it depends on it.  So if you
were installing gcc, you would get the libintl3 package if it existed on the
mirror you chose.

I do notice, however, that gcc has a dependency on cygintl-8.dll but doesn't
show the dependency in the setup.hint file.  Dave, can you review this and
see if the setup.hint files need to be updated?

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