Support for Baud Rates above 250000 baud?

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Jan 10 09:02:00 GMT 2007

On Jan 10 10:18, David le Comte wrote:
> I'm wondering if the most general way of modifying 
> (and cf[io]speed()?) is to do what SetCommState() is doing, ie,
> if the value that is passed is NOT equivalent to one of the Bnnnnn
> "define"s, then assume it is a literal speed and pass that.

Cygwin does this already for 230400 baud.  See

> This would mean changing "speed_t" to be an unsigned int (can we
> now assume that is 32bit?) rather than char?, and removing and/or
> changing any parsing that cfset[io]speed() are doing.

No.  This would needlessly break backward compatibility.  The way to
go is to define new Bxxx values in termios.h and support them in, which is what Brian already said.
What's left at this point is just


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