activestate perl on cygwin
Wed Jan 10 15:57:00 GMT 2007

 Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>> I don't actually install through cygwin, but use the ppm installer
>> from Activestate.
>Why people would want to use a proprietary Perl with a proprietary
>installer is beyond me. Let me ask you a question, what happens when you
>call setsid in this ActiveState Perl? Anyways...
Well,  in my case when I make the call I run perl on Linux. Here I had
 to write a scripton a windows machine and before checking cygwin
 I checked activestate. Then I needed some modules, DBD:Orcale to be exact. This
was a HUGE pain to get it to work, as Activestate has no binary. After having
 through this I got a further request: "can your script do some graphs to?"
Then I thought of grace which does not work under windows, hence
 cygwin. But then I remembered the Oracle pains and though" what it Oracle  has
a problem with cygwin or is a similar pain(I had some equally bad experience
 installing an oracle client on Linux), so since I'm no Oracle expert
 and would not have much help I decided not to mess with the perl+oracle DBD,
 hence installed the cygwin modules except perl. Ugly, but seems to work...

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