Snapshot speed on managing files

Marco atzeri
Thu Jan 11 12:15:00 GMT 2007

Hi All,
I have found non specific info on the faq and
documentation, so I am wondering if there is 
any specific "debugging" reason to explain why
latest snapshots 20070110 (and 04) are substantial 
slower than 1.5.23-2 on removing multiple files.

I built a testdir directory with 32*32 files of 
1 Mibyte each 

with 20070110
$ time rm -r testdir

real    1m40.103s
user    0m0.070s
sys     0m0.240s

with 1.5.23-2
$ time rm -r testdir

real    0m2.183s        <<<< 2sec vs 2minutes
user    0m0.230s
sys     0m0.801s

1.5.23-2 is in the same league of Windows XP command
$ time cmd /c "rmdir /s /q testdir"

real    0m1.321s
user    0m0.020s
sys     0m0.020s

I am also surprised that instead I found no 
substantial difference building the directory

with 1-5.23-2
 time ./

real    2m53.480s
user    0m24.920s
sys     0m17.431s 

with 20070110
time ./

real    2m59.498s   <<< no difference
user    0m24.430s
sys     0m16.611s

Is this behavior expected for a snapshot ?



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