CR/LF problems after upgrade

Luke Kendall
Fri Jan 12 05:53:00 GMT 2007

On  5 Jan, fschmidt wrote:
>  > 3. Cygwin text mounts automatically work with either line ending style, 
>  > because the \r is stripped before bash reads the file.  If you absolutely 
>  > must use files with \r\n line endings, consider mounting the directory 
>  > where those files live as a text mount.  However, text mounts are not as 
>  > well tested or supported on the cygwin mailing list, so you may encounter 
>  > other problems with other cygwin tools in those directories. 
>  >  
>  I don't know what mounts are, or how to use them. 

With a freshly-installed Cygwin from a mirror that's a few days old, and
with c:\cygwin\bin mounted textmode and a network share directory of
bash scripts also mounted in textmode, using scripts that had CR/LF
endings, each blank line in the script caused an error, and there were
other errors too.

In short, I don't think the text mounts are doing their magic
correctly at the moment.  (The scripts mentioned above did work
correctly in much older Cygwins using text mounts.)

<philosophy> I wonder how many centuries of human endeavour has been
absorbed because of the decision to use CR+LF as line endings in DOS?


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