dos format shell script executed fine with 1.5.12, fails with 1.5.23

Brian Dessent
Fri Jan 12 16:26:00 GMT 2007

jim wrote:

> I have a dos format file containing a shell script that works fine on
> 1.5.12.   After upgrading to 1.5.23, the script fails.   If I convert it to
> Unix format, it works fine with 1.5.23, but I'm wondering what changed.
> Cygwin mounts are the same; what else could be different?

The version of the Cygwin DLL here is totally irrelevant.  When you
updated the cygwin package you also updated the bash package, and the
change you are seeing is a result of changes in the bash package. 
Please consult the bash package announcement emails.  There have
probably been hundreds of emails in dozens of threads on this particular
issue over the last 6 months or so, so please take a chance to read all
those before bringing up a topic that has been beaten to death, revived,
and then beaten again.


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