René Berber
Tue Jan 16 00:03:00 GMT 2007

ignacious wrote:
> "Do you have included ssh-option '-X'?
> This is a common error I make.
> (Just a thought...)
> SE"
> Yes...I'm using:
> ssh -Y <IP ADDR> -l root
> I'm able to log in and type:
> DISPLAY=<My Client IP>:0.0

That's the wrong procedure, you should not set DISPLAY yourself, ssh takes care
of that, and the value of DISPLAY is not <your client IP>, ssh will set it to
<your server IP>:10 or similar.

> then:
> xarkeia &
> After this I get an error message:
> Cannot open display []

That's what happens when you set DISPLAY wrong, in this case there is a firewall
 that prevents direct connections.  Ssh doesn't use direct connections, it
tunnels the X protocol over the same connection you used to log-in.

René Berber

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