1.5.23: ip_mreq_source not defined in cygwin/sockets.h

Shishir Birmiwal shishir@birmiwal.net
Tue Jan 16 12:08:00 GMT 2007

Thanks, Corinna

> > Would it make sense for cygwin/sockets.h to include w32api/ws2tcpip.h?
> > I'm afraid that it might add to the kludge that is winsock/winsock2,
> > and break some things :)
> Don't do that.  Define the missing strcutures manually in your application
> instead.
> Also keep in mind that ip_mreq_source, ip_msfilter, in_pktinfo are only
> available starting with Windows XP.  If you use them in your application,
> it will not be backward compatible to NT4, W2K, or, FWIW, 95/98/Me.

Appreciate the heads-up. Thanks again.


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