SVN not working correctly...

Tue Jan 16 20:40:00 GMT 2007

I'm here to get help on Cygwin because I'm forced to use it by this program
that I need. >:-(

Now, this is what I did step by step...

1. Downloaded Cygwin from here:
2. Installed it with "devel" set to Install and "wget" set to the latest
3. Downloaded the program from here:
4. Extracted it (using WinZip, with folder names) to
5. Opened up a Cygwin shell and navigated to ~/psptoolchain (the root folder
inside the archive).
6. Typed in "svn update". I got those errors... :'(

I'm pretty sure the problem HAS to do with the line endings, because after I
changed all the files from \r\n to just \n it worked well, but then there
were more files complaining... There are endless folders, so I don't wanna
go through all of them... :-/

I'd like to keep trying that, one of my first C++ apps was one that changed
line endings, but guess what, I formatted and... wait, maybe I have it
backed up... I'll see if I can find that and make it iterate through all the
files. But tell me if there's anything wrong with the steps.

Thanks! ;-)

Christopher Faylor-8 wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 15, 2007 at 07:09:08PM -0800, Leo28C wrote:
>>ARGH, Linux and anything to do with it makes me SO mad... >:(
> Then what in the world are you doing here?
> Go away!
> cgf
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