"id -Gn" w/ username doesn't return all associated groups. Issue with getgrent()?

Mark A. Ziesemer mark_z@charter.net
Sun Jan 21 22:50:00 GMT 2007

Cygwin doesn't appear to properly support returning multiple groups for a
specific user, other than the current user (and only when not specifying the
current user's username.)

When "id" is called without a username, it calls the getgroups(...) function
which appears to work as expected.  However, when a specific username is
passed, even the username of the current user, getugroups(...) is called,
and does _not_ appear to work as expected.

This makes it difficult to properly configure and manage security, for
example, with the OpenSSH daemon.

This is easily reproducible, and is not specific to any particular version
of Cygwin.

I've posted about this before, without any results.

I've setup a public wiki with all the details where I hope we can
collaborate to finally solve this issue:
http://cygwin-getugroups.pbwiki.com/  Included there are the requested
cygcheck and related files.


Mark A. Ziesemer

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