Questions about porting from Linux to Windows...

Tim Prince
Mon Jan 22 13:52:00 GMT 2007 wrote:
> Hello
> I am in the process of porting a huge application (> 700 000 lines of 
> code ; C ; Unix/Linux) to Windows.
> I will not be using cygwin to port the GUI, but the project is based on 
> lots of static libraries. Thus it prompted me with several questions, 
> both technical and commercial.
> I will post the commercial ones to the licensing mailing list.
> Thus here are the technical questions :
>  a) Are my own static libraries ( .a) compiled with cgiwin accepted by 
> GUI builders like Visual C++, DevC++, CodeBlocks etc.. ?
You are going way beyond the scope of this list.  A mingw .a library 
could be linked into an MSVC build, since it tries to avoid conflicting 
run-time library dependencies.  Whether all those builders accept it 
with the different name, or allow you to rename it, is up to you.
It would be worth while to read the FAQ mentioned at the bottom of the 
mail.  Consider also the licensing implications, which you appear to 
want to ignore.

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