Questions about porting from Linux to Windows...

jano trouba
Mon Jan 22 16:21:00 GMT 2007

>From: Tim Prince <>
>Subject: Re: Questions about porting from Linux to Windows...
>Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 05:52:28 -0800

>You are going way beyond the scope of this list.  A mingw .a library could 
>be linked into an MSVC build, since it tries to avoid conflicting run-time 
>library dependencies.  Whether all those builders accept it with the 
>different name, or allow you to rename it, is up to you.
>It would be worth while to read the FAQ mentioned at the bottom of the 
>mail.  Consider also the licensing implications, which you appear to want 
>to ignore.

Hey !! You have not read correctly...

As I said right at the start of the post, I AM concerned about the licensing 
implications, but I could not succeed in posting my questions to the 
licensing mail list... which are basically : does using cygwin just to 
compile some static  .a  to be used elsewhere prompts a fee ?

As for the technical part, I read the FAQ's and I could not find an answer 
about the sockets ...

I am new to the Windows world (I just did 2 years VB and Delphi more than 10 
years ago) but I am not a newbie (23+ years in scientific programming)... So 
please be correct and do  ot insult me...

I do not know whether it is the good mailing list to post, but it was the 
closest to my kind of questions....

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