When ssh'd in, cannot run MS compiler /Zi debug option

Mike Yoder yoderme@gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 19:17:00 GMT 2007

> On Jan 19 18:13, Mike Yoder wrote:
> > I see that using password authentication does make the problem go away
> > for accounts local to the machine.  But if I ssh into this machine
> > using a domain account and use password authentication, whoami still
> > tells me that I'm the sshd_server.  (I built /etc/passwd using
> > 'mkpasswd -c -l -d'; when on the console whoami says 'DOMAIN\username'
> > as expected)  Any ideas why this is?
> Maybe you're not using the latest Cygwin version.  There were some issues
> with previous releases which you can find in the ML archives.  Another
> chance is that you changed /etc/group so that Cygwin thinks it has to
> add groups to your user token after password authentication took place.

Thanks for replying, Corinna.  I installed cygwin just a week or two
ago.  To my knowledge I haven't touched /etc/group (after mkgroup).
The relevent parts of /etc/passwd and /etc/group follow.  When the
Administrator account ssh's in, it becomes Admistrator.  When myoder
ssh's in, I'm sshd_server.

myoder:unused_by_nt/2000/xp:11819:10513:Mike Yoder,U-DOMAIN\myoder,S-1-5-21-3

Domain Users:S-1-5-21-3992547366-3650675702-3870580548-513:10513:

Anyway, I guess the answer to my greater question about the Microsoft
compiler is "no".  Thanks for your help.

-Mike Yoder

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