Can't start cron daemon in Cygwin 1.5.23 under WinXP SP2

Steve Rowley
Thu Jan 25 18:02:00 GMT 2007

>Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 16:23:19 -0000
>From: "Dave Korn" <dave dot korn at artimi dot com>
>Seems like you don't have a valid /etc/groups file.  You should fix that first.

My /etc/group file was made by:

  >$ mkgroup -lc >/etc/group

Here are its current contents; if you can spot anything wrong, I'd be
pleased to hear it.  Perhaps I suffer from myopia due to staring at
this all too long:

  >Backup Operators:S-1-5-32-551:551:
  >Network Configuration Operators:S-1-5-32-556:556:
  >Power Users:S-1-5-32-547:547:
  >Remote Desktop Users:S-1-5-32-555:555:
  >Debugger Users:S-1-5-21-473916646-3257906905-3362627345-1004:1004:

>  Got any/and/or/all of: Agnitum outpost firewall, Kerio personal firewall,
>Logitech web camera, or anything by Norton/Mcaffee/Symantec?

I have Symantec AntiVirus, but none of the others you mention.
Symantec AntiVirus I can't mess with, since it's installed in a
nonmodifiable way by an IT department.

However, since you suggested it, I checked the Symantec logs and it
hasn't fired on anything for several weeks, which is how old this
computer is.  So it seems unlikely to be Symantec, no?

However, see previous reply to Pierre in which it turned out that
Microsoft's Windows Defender was strangling cygrunsrv.  That was a
definite problem, but when I uninstalled Windows Defender the
underlying problem still remained.  Definitely looks to me like
something is preventing cygrunsrv from forking a process...

Thanks for the suggestions, though.
Steve Rowley <> Skype: sgr000
It is very dark & after 2000.  If you continue, you are likely to be eaten by a bleen.

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