gettext 0.14.5 - some warnings on compiling

Eric Blake
Fri Jan 26 01:46:00 GMT 2007

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According to VASKO on 1/25/2007 7:26 AM:
> Hello Eric,
> Thursday, January 25, 2007, 4:31:36 PM, you wrote:
>>>> ===================================================================
>>>> ./l10nflist.c: In function `_nl_make_l10nflist':
>>>> ./l10nflist.c:343: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a
>>>> cast
>>> Consider upgrading.  The latest version of gettext is 0.16.1.
> EB> Or for that matter, explain why you need to compile from source.  Cygwin
> EB> comes with gettext 0.15 precompiled, so that you need not worry about
> EB> compiling it yourself.
> I  try to compile VideoLAN (aka VLC media player) Cygwin-based version
> from  SVN.  It  required gettext 0.14.5. I just run 'make src' command
> and  download  from  automatically stared with
> curl.  Don't  ask  me,  why.  Patch for l10nflist.c is trivial, I just
> change  some  arguments types to 'const char*' instead of 'char*'. But
> other warnings still appears in gettext 0.16.1 too. I am not sure that
> 'comparison  is  always  true'  (or false) is absolutely safe for main
> program stability.

It depends on whether the warning was masking a bug or not.  But you are
better off reporting such bugs to the upstream maintainers - oftentimes,
that warning indicates a true bug where someone has compiled on Linux and
used wchar_t when they should have used wint_t, but other times, it is
benign.  What makes this particular error annoying is that there is no way
(except in CVS gcc) to disable it when it is a false positive, and
restructuring the comparison to avoid the warning can sometimes be rather

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