Newly-installed bash 3.2.9-10 (cygwin 1.5.24-1) exits when I try to execute a program

Glenn Serre
Sun Jan 28 20:08:00 GMT 2007

Good morning,

I installed a new version of cygwin yesterday, and find that bash starts up and
builtins seem to execute, but when I try the first command, cygwin exits
silently.  By "exits silently" I mean that if I have a cygwin window, it just
disappears.  If I am executing bash from a command prompt, bash just exits with
no message.  For example, in a dos prompt:

bash-3.2$ ls


I have tried:
- uninstall and reinstall
- uninstall and reinstall from a different mirror

I can run cygwin programs (e.g. ls) from the dos prompt, and I have been running 
cygwin successfully for years before this. I have attached cygcheck.out as 
suggested by the mailing list guidelines.

Any hints? Should I wait until I can try 3.2.9-11 from a mirror?

Thanks for your attention,

--Glenn S.

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