Support planned for vista symbolic links?

Shankar Unni
Sun Jan 28 21:54:00 GMT 2007

This article from Mark "Sysinternals" Russinovitch discusses the new 
"real" symbolic link feature in Vista ("real" in that it's classic 
Unix-style, where the symlink is interpreted on the local OS, even for 
links in mounted shares, and can refer to either a file or a directory):

The only catch he mentions is that you need a special privilege to 
create these symlinks, and that privilege is only granted to 
administrators by default. (Usual windows reason: to "protect" users 
from tools that are not symbolic-link-aware)

Anyway: is any support planned in cygwin and/or coreutils for this 
feature?  (specifically, supporting symlink(), S_ISLNK support in stat, 

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