"watch" option processing broken

Daniel B. daniel76@yahoo.com
Tue Dec 2 15:55:00 GMT 2008

I'm a little rusty on CygWin bug reporting; where should I report the following?

The "watch" command isn't parsing some of its options correctly (as documented
in "man watch" and in its usage message, and as it works normally on Linux).
Additional, when it thinks there's a problem, it doesn't report what it thinks
the problem is.

1. The command "watch -d echo" yields a  usage message:

     Usage: watch [-dhntv] [--differences[=cumulative]] [--help] [--interval=<n>] [--no-title] [--version] <command>

   That should turn on non-cumulative differences mode.  Note that that command
   also appears to be correct per the manual page and per the usage message
   printed out.  (That command works fine on Linux.)

2.  There is no error message saying what the problem is.  (Note that if you try
    "watch -x xxx", you get "watch: unknown option -- x" before the "Usage: ..."

    Similarly, if you try "watch --interval=xx echo", you get no report
    that "xx" is not a valid number, or is not a valid interval value.  It
    seems that option-parsing messages aren't getting printed out.

3.  The command "watch -d ls dir" tries to run "dir" as a command (not "ls dir").

    Apparently, the -d option code thinks -d takes an argument (taking the "ls"
    as that argument, leaving only "dir" as the apparent command to run(.

4.  It doesn't seem to be possible to run watch in non-cumulative differences
    mode.  "watch -d -junk date" runs, and runs in cumulative differences mode.



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