Finally managed to create a jailed SFTP server, but how secure?

Christopher Faylor
Tue Dec 2 23:12:00 GMT 2008

On Tue, Dec 02, 2008 at 02:18:07PM -0800, TheO wrote:
>I promise to help promote Cygwin in Windows community if I can find a
>way to make it as a secure SFTP server :).  I am sure a lot of Windows
>users will prefer Cygwin to other commercial softwares.

I'm glad you're finding some use for Cygwin but we really aren't
incredibly interested in people who want to use it for reasons other
than as a POSIX emulation layer.  People who are used to Windows are
undoubtedly going to be confused by some of the conventions we've
adopted and this will often lead to excessive mailing list traffic as we
try to deal with misconceptions.

Also, no one enjoys the inevitable "It seems to me that you should be
more supportive of people who want to use Cygwin this way" email that
usually follows attempts to explain what the project is all about.


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