Finally managed to create a jailed SFTP server, but how secure?

Wed Dec 3 07:30:00 GMT 2008

Hi again,

I am afraid I have to ask for clarification again :(, I hope this is the last 
time before I am on my own with this:

> No, you cannot hide it.  It is created by Cygwin itself as a convenience
> to access the virtual 'cygdrive' directory.  This is one of a number of
> virtual directories ('/proc' and '/dev' come to mind) that Cygwin supports.
> See the description of "Special filenames" in the User's Guide for more
> details.

I understand why all these virtual directories are necessary at the absolute
'/' root level. But here I refer to /cygdrive which is created inside the jail
directory, which means in absolute path, /jail/cygdrive (/jail being the root 
of my jail). Inside the jail, only /cygdrive is created, no other virtual 
directories (/proc or /dev/xxx) or files are created.

> In 1.7, there is a
> new authentication module that will solve these and other pubkey
> authentication problems.  But 1.7 is not currently released and it's
> release date is not decided.

Thanks for this input. I suppose that to be on safe side, I must restrict 
it to password based authentication only if I use the current Cygwin.

And finally one more question. I am only aware of two subsystems supported
by sshd more or less implicitely; sftp and shell (interactive logon). Is there
any other subsystems which are handled by sshd implicitely (without me having
to add anything to /etc/sshd_config)?

Thanks again.


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