Trouble differentiating Backspace from Control-Backspace in rxvt-20050409-9

Brian Dessent
Thu Dec 4 17:01:00 GMT 2008

Jonathon Merz wrote:

> I recently upgraded from rxvt-20050409-7 to rxvt-20050409-9 and have
> stopped getting different output for Backspace and Control-Backspace.
> In rxvt-20050409-7, I get ^? for Backspace and ^H for
> Control-Backspace.  In rxvt-20050409-9, I get ^H for both.
> I've tried explicitly setting the rxvt backspacekey to ^?, but then I
> get ^? both with and without the Control key.

I guess the first question is are you using rxvt in native (GDI/W11) or
X11 mode.  I can't see that much has changed in the patches other than
tweaks to use the new modular X11 server.  So if you are using GDI mode,
then I'm at a loss to explain the differences, however if you are using
X11 mode then it's highly likely that the difference in behavior is due
to the many changes in the new X server and not anything in rxvt.  You
should follow up on the cygwin-xfree@ list if that is the case.

> I've also been trying to decipher some of the documentation for
> terminfo/termcap, though I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around
> those, and I'm not certain whether that is the path I should go down
> since my terminfo appears to be unchanged between the two.  For what
> it's worth, I tried running infocmp on both the -7 and -9 versions and
> got identical output for them both.

I think terminfo/termcap are irrelevant here as their purpose is to
describe behavior, not to change it.  They might document for example
that terminal FOO generates the byte sequence BAR when the user presses
key X so that programs can know that when TERM=FOO and the sequence BAR
appears in the input stream that the user has in fact pressed X.  But
they can't alter the terminal's behavior to make it generate a different


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