Setup.exe: all files in one common directory? (not per-server)

Brian Dessent
Sat Dec 6 02:42:00 GMT 2008

sowiso wrote:

> and so on. __I cannot do anything about this.__
> You see? If I do want to avoid this, I must always use the same mirror.
> And what if it's unaccessible due to a server downtime?

Yes, when downloading it will create the files under the mirror's
filename.  That's by design because different mirrors can have different
views of what the latest packages are (and thus different setup.ini
files and so on.)  What I'm saying is that later on when you do the
"install from local dir" step you should be able to continue to specify
F:\CygwinInstall\ as the local package directory and it should
automatically recursively scan the contents of all the different mirror
dirs found under that directory and offer to install the union of all of


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