all files seems to be owned by the actual user

Matthias Meyer
Sat Dec 6 23:22:00 GMT 2008


I define CYGWIN=nontsec as global environment variable. After reboot I
install the cygwin-setup-2.602.exe. I only add rsync to the pre selected
Then I logged in into the cygwin bash (by using the icon on the desktop)
There I tried "rsync -a /cygdrive/c/work /cygdrive/c/backup"
All files in /cygdrive/c/backup will be owned by the user who runs the
rsync. But the source files in /cygdrive/c/work are owned by another user!

Another strangely effect is that "ls -alnh /" lists all files as owned by
the actual user.
If I do that as another user the files will also be listet as owned by him,
the user who runs the ls.

What is the reason for that?

Is there a possibility to backup the files from different users (e.g. with
rsync) and restore them with the same owner and permissions which they have
at backup time?

Don't panic

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