all files seems to be owned by the actual user

Brian Dessent
Sun Dec 7 00:03:00 GMT 2008

Matthias Meyer wrote:

> Another strangely effect is that "ls -alnh /" lists all files as owned by
> the actual user.
> If I do that as another user the files will also be listet as owned by him,
> the user who runs the ls.
> What is the reason for that?

You instructed Cygwin to not read or write any ACLs by setting nontsec. 
It has to fill in those fields with something so it just lists whatever
the current user is as the owner (just as it would have had to do with a
filesystem like FAT or an OS like Win95 that doesn't record an owner.)

> Is there a possibility to backup the files from different users (e.g. with
> rsync) and restore them with the same owner and permissions which they have
> at backup time?

Certainly not with nontsec in effect.


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