Latest autoconf (2.63): problem generating libtool script when reconfiguring GCC (maybe others).

Charles Wilson
Tue Dec 9 20:28:00 GMT 2008

As pointed out downthread, the gcc tree doesn't actually support using
newer autotools. Current efforts to future-proof gcc's build machinery,
and thus make it easier to move officially to 2.6x at some point in the
future, are still in work.

I have the following two packages on my box: gcc-autoconf and
gcc-automake [*], which:
 (1) are pristine versions of ac-2.59 and am-1.9.6 with no
 cygwin-specific code changes
 (2) install into /opt/gcc-tools/{bin|share}
 (3) /opt/gcc-tools/share/aclocal-1.9/dirlist specifies
 /usr/share/aclocal/ so as to "find" .m4 files from gettext, libiconv,
 libtool, etc.

That way, when I'm mucking about with gcc and need to regen the auto*
stuff, I can just set $PATH appropriately.

Would there be interest in pushing these packages into the distro?

[*] I think that's what I called them. Maybe it was auto*-gcc. I can't
reach my box right now...


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