Public Cygwin 1.7 test starts today

Warren Young
Thu Dec 11 00:42:00 GMT 2008

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> after a rather long period of time of development, 

Is this going to change for the next major release?  There's an awful 
lot to absorb in this one.

> - No more support for Windows 95/98/Me.


Can you talk about the positive consequences?  Obviously there's a lot 
of backwards compatibility stuff you can now ignore, and undoubtedly a 
lot of compatibility code that you were able to remove.  I see some 
features in the following list that I suspect were made possible by 
this, but it'd be nice to have a list of what we get for being able to 
drop this cursed loadstone.

Is Cygwin now significantly faster?

> - Mount points are no longer stored in the registry.

Intensely awesome.

Is there anything else in the registry that makes it more difficult to 
clone a Cygwin installation than just copying c:\cygwin{-1.7}?

> - unlink(2) and rmdir(2) try very hard to remove files/directories even
>   if they are currently accessed or locked.  This is done by utilizing
>   the hidden recycle bin directories and marking the files for deletion.

Profoundly awesome.

> - File locking is now advisory, not mandatory anymore.

Jaw-droppingly awesome.

> - Support UTF-8 in console window.

Mind-explodingly awesome.

> - Detect and report a missing DLL on process startup.

Exceeding all normal bounds of awesomeness.

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